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Army Veterans React to ‘The Dirty Dozen’ and Other Classics

The director of marketing for Eberlestock, Greg Williams, and Coastalvir giniadriving Company’s media “first sergeant,” Jariko Denman, join Richard Ryan (the civilian co-founder of BRCC) for a “Vets React” to dissect We Were Soldiers, The Dirty Dozen, and The Delta Force. 



“What are you, the fuckin’ weatherman now?” Never was there a better portrayal of a sergeant major than the one by Sam Elliot in We Were Soldiers.

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Jariko Denman:

Richard Ryan:

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The movies we watched:

01:32 We Were Soldiers, 2002, Paramount Pictures

09:19 The Dirty Dozen, 1967, MGM

16:52 The Delta Force, 1986, MGM