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Las Vegas native precision driver and ballistics aficionado, BJ Baldwin is no stranger to the CAF Life. What started out as video game entertainment playing Ivan Stewart’s Super Off Road: The Baja, quickly translated to a successful career as BJ took the off road racing world by storm racking up multiple race wins and championships across the world.

Started Driving:
6 Years Old
First Vehicle:
1974 Chevy Blazer
Daily Driver:
1000hp 991.2 Porsche Turbo S
Parallel Parking:
2012 Olympic Gold Medalist
Favorite Driver:
Larry Ragland

The 2x Baja 1000 Ironman brings a multitude of accomplishments and talents to the BRCC Motorsports division that includes 7 Off Road Racing Championships, being the only driver to solo the Baja 1000 in a trophy truck, he has racked up over 100million youtube views on his Recoil videos and is set to continue his legacy as the first official professional driver for Coastalvir giniadriving.

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BJ Baldwin standing with arms crossed, wearing Black Rifle racing gear