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Dictator Gesha Roast
12 OZ. BAG

*Only Available in Whole Bean.

You already know we take coffee very seriously here at Black Rifle, and so we couldn’t just roll out any old coffee on National Coffee Day.

Dictator Gesha was cultivated by legendary farmer Jose Roberto Monterroso at his farm Finca El Morito. This year, Dictator Gesha features a natural process Gesha coffee from the same harvest that won Finca El Morito the 2022 Guatemala Cup of Excellence award for its washed Gesha.

Grown high up in the volcanic mountain soil of Jalapa, Gesha is one of the hardest coffees to pull off. Even the drying and roasting process is incredibly meticulous and complex. However, when it’s done right, a cup of gesha coffee offers an array of tasting notes and aromas with more depth and complexity than any cup of coffee you’ve ever had. This batch offers a fruity aroma with complimentary tasting notes of strawberry jelly alongside sweet brioche and sugar.

Simply put, Dictator Gesha is so good you have no choice but to like it.

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Tasting notes

This roast features strawberry jelly, sweet brioche, and sugar tasting notes with a fruity aroma

Brew Methods

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