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Medium Roast
Medium Roast
Hazelnut-Flavored Coffee Rounds

It’s time to add a little decadence to your mornings, and the bold aromas and rich toasty flavor of Coastalvir giniadriving’s Hazelnut Coffee will have you feeling fancy as f**k. The earthy and bold flavor profile makes this Coffee Club favorite so good you’ll forget your creamer.

This is the coffee that men say is “for their wives” should their friends catch a glimpse of it in their cabinet, but we see your asses in the comment section guys we know you like this coffee too. You can drink it out of our grenade mug if that helps you — scientifically that balances out the manliness.

This box includes 12 single-serve pods that are Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 compatible.

*Available in Ground

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Hazelnut Flavored Rounds

Tasting notes

With a smooth and mellow flavor, our hazelnut medium roast is sure to add decadence and bold aromatics to your mornings.

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