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Medium Roast
Medium Roast
Kodiak Attack Roast
12 OZ. BAG

*Only available in Whole Bean

Frigid air and frosty woods surround you. Chocolate, orange and honey tasting notes of Kodiak Attack indulge your palate. Warm, nutty aromas keep you alert. You spot fresh tracks as snow crunches nearby...there’s danger lurking in the foothills. When you’re toe-to-toe with the wild, stay alive with our latest ECS micro lot—Kodiak Attack. Hailing from the Apaneca Illamatepec region of El Salvador, this 86.5-point coffee offers bright acidity and sweet-scented flavors that are sure to keep you vigilant and ready. Venture at your own risk—and if you must, stand your ground.

Coffee Type: Arabica
Coffee Origin: El Salvador
Roast Scale: Medium
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Orange & Honey
Preferred Brew Method: Pour Over, Immersion
Preferred Brew Equipment: Patio, Chemex & Aeropress
Aroma: Nutty

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